Mothers express concern after 24 girls moved to Kearney rehabilitation center

A disturbance at the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Geneva left severe water damage, according to a group of mothers who have daughters in the facility.

After claims of a mildew smell and issues with breathing, the state had it checked out.

“We were able to have our public health unit to go out and did a survey and there was no mildew or mold to be reported,” Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) chief executive officer Danette Smith said.

A group of mothers said that the issues go much deeper than just that.

“I visit my daughter twice a week, cause you could visit her twice a week. My daughter telling me there’s no programming and that shes been asking for programming because that’s how you get out of there,” Prudence Waters said. 

24 girls along with the Geneva staff were transferred to the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center in Kearney which houses only males.

DHHS said the girls will be separated from the boys at the facility.

Rebecca Delano, a mother of a teen, said the facility is also withholding her daughters medication.

She has now gone five days without her psychotropic medicine.

It’s a situation these mothers feel needs to be addressed immediately.

“I live everyday and it’s been killing me because all I can picture is my daughter being in a small room with no electricity. Shes been exposed to more things than I have ever been exposed to in my life,” Waters said.

DHHS said they are working to get the facility in Geneva fixed but have no definite time line.

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