Municipal Code revisions open for public comment

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department (LLCPD) invites you to comment on the revised amendments to the Municipal Code to establish standards and requirements for facilities that are offered as alternatives to imprisonment.

The draft is available at (keyword: transitional living). The site also includes draft zoning changes, a citywide facility spacing map, and sample site exhibits.

In order for your comment to be considered prior to the draft hearing, make sure to submit them by Tuesday, Sept. 29.

The tentative City Council hearing date is Monday, Oct. 26.

The City of Lincoln is proposing to rename “alternative to imprisonment” facilities as “transitional living” facilities.  These homes are designed to help individuals transition into society when they are released from prison, on pre-release or work-release, or taking part in similar programs.  Transitional living facilities are currently allowed primarily by special permit, but with no specific conditions.  The draft regulations include standards for permitting, density, spacing, parking, design standards, and signs.

For more information, contact Rachel Jones, LLCPD, at or 402-441-7603. For more information about the Planning Department, visit

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