Nearly 60 bison relocated across Midwest

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. (KLKN) — Friday, Sept. 4, 57 bison from the North Rim were successfully relocated across the Midwest.

Grand Canyon wildlife managers, in cooperation with the Intertribal Buffalo Council, Kaibab National Forest, and Arizona Game and Fish Department, transported the bison to the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation (Kans.), the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe (S. Dak.), the Santee Sioux Tribe (Nebr.), and the Modoc Nation (Okla.).

News Release (09/08/2020) Fifty-seven Bison Successfully Relocated from the North Rim of Grand Canyon > #Bison #GrandCanyon #Arizona

— Grand Canyon NPS (@GrandCanyonNPS) September 8, 2020

It was all a part of the 2020 Bison Reduction Program, which aims to capture and relocate 60-100 bison during a two-week corralling period from Aug. 28 to Sept. 8. A pilot program was conducted on the North Rim in September of 2019 with the successful relocation of 31 bison to the Quapaw tribe (Okla.).

National Parks Service (NSP) biologists estimate that the North Rim bison herd has grown from about 100 bison, brought to the House Rock Wildlife Area in the early 1900s, to anywhere from 400 to 600 bison. They predict the herd could grow to nearly 800 in the next three years, and upwards of 1,200 in the next 10 years if no further management actions to control the size of the herd are taken.

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