Lincoln man going car-less in May to raise awareness for autism education program

A Lincoln educator trying to put himself in the shoes of those he’s working to prepare for the real world. 

Stuart Stofferahan is the Executive Director of the Nebraska Transition College. 

The College helps kids with disabilities get acclimated to the world around them after high school, and for the month of May, Stofferahan is ditching his car, and experiencing what it’s like to only ride his bike and the bus – a challenge that many of his students face. 

“We can write curriculum all day long around the kitchen table but it’s another thing to experience it,” Stofferahan said.

Before this experience Stofferahn, like many people, had many assumptions on what getting around Lincoln is like only using a bike and the bus, and he says he has been pleasantly surprised.

“The kindness and compassion rule the day I mean the first step I took on the bus I was you know I didn’t know where I needed to go what I need to do and a complete stranger just jumped in and said I’ll get you where you need to go,” Stofferahan said.

For him, the experience he has learned gives him a sense of comfort now teaching his students how to operate the busing system.

“Just imagine what that looks for our students you know they’ve got disabilities all of their life they’ve had to listen to ‘no you can’t’ and there’s been a lot bullying in these students lives and to know that they can step on the bus and they can have complete strangers jump in and help. That just makes my job a whole lot easier,” Stofferahan said.

If you would like to find out more information about the Nebraska Transition College or donate to their schooling you can go to

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