All three Nebraska Heisman trophy winners in town for the big game

By: Megan Conway

To add to the hype of the big game against Miami, all three of Nebraska’s Heisman trophy winners came to town today. The Husker dreams of many fans were fulfilled. Johnny Rodgers, Mike Rozier and Eric Crouch all in one place at the ESPN Heisman House tour.

“I look at it as a big game rivalry, when it hasn’t been one of those rivalries where you play every single year. It’s been a rivalry really of national championships,” says Eric Crouch, 2001 Heisman Trophy winner.

The roof of Pinnacle Bank Arena was home to three husker all–time greats Saturday afternoon. The Heisman trophy winners came to sign autographs, take pictures and meet fans. These men who have played in big games, were all optimistic about the game against Miami.

“If they play the right game against these guys and the defense steps up a little more, I think we’re going to be okay,” says Mike Rozier, 1983 Heisman Trophy winner.

“Miami has a true freshman quarterback coming into Lincoln. I think it’s always tough to play in an atmosphere and night game in Lincoln. I believe Nebraska will be victorious tonight,” says Crouch.

Not only did these former Huskers think we’d do well tonight, but they all kept mentioning one Husker name who they think has the chance to join their elite Heisman club: Ameer Abdullah.

“I think he has a very good chance of winning the Heisman, if the team does well. You have to have big games and big plays in big games like he had a couple games ago to actually get the Heisman,” says Johnny Rodgers, 1972 Heisman Trophy winner.

“He’s a very dynamic player, he can catch the ball, he’s a powerful running back and he’s a competitor; what I like most about him,” says Crouch.

All three men agreed Abdullah has a better chance when he gets more touches on the ball and their predictions for the Miami game were spot on.