Nebraska National Guard veteran hopes for support after Veterans Day

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- Across the country, there are more than 18 million veterans walking among us.

Kelli Hatzenbeuhler, a Victim Assistance Specialist with Homeland Security Investigations who served 25 years in the North Dakota and Nebraska National Guards, says it doesn’t fall on deaf ears that veterans need community support.

“I think there is a generation that really needs assistance and help in honoring their service and that would be our Vietnam veteran era,” she said.

Hatzenbuehler says there could be veterans in your community who aren’t recognized, especially those who have served in the National Guard.

“I know specifically in the National Guard, there’s not a ton of recognition after a deployment or after different services, we come back to the community and just kind of blend in with the populace,” she said.

Hatzenbuehler says if you recognize a veteran, ask them about their service and thank them.

“I think there’s a great opportunity just to talk to your neighbors,” she said. “You see flags and you see patriotism, ask them: ‘Did you have somebody that served? Did you serve?'”

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