Nebraska populations increasing in the metro areas, decreasing everywhere else

The metro counties, Sarpy, Douglas and Lancaster, make up for 55 percent of the state’s 1.9 million residents. 

They’re living in the area for reasons like jobs and the school system. 

“Almost all Nebraska counties are tending to have more people move away than move in with the exception of the metro counties and a few places like Grand Island and Kearney,” David Drozd, research coordinator at UNO, said. 

Contributing to the growth of Lancaster county are the suburbs and small towns around Lincoln, like Waverly and Hickman. 

Hickman is the fastest growing community in Nebraska. 

“A lot of people commute to work, and want to live where they have a bit more space or neighbors that aren’t quite so close, and those are very desirable communities to do so,” Drozd said. 

“It’s quiet down here… the school, the community. It’s a great place to live. I mean, there’s a lot of great things happening down here,” Brandon Minnick, a Hickman resident, said. 

Compared to the 2000s, in the 2010s, the metro areas are growing, but at a slower rate, and the rural areas are still losing their population, but not as quickly. 


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