Nebraska Safety Council driving simulator raises awareness of DUI

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – In the Gateway Mall, the Nebraska Safety Council brought awareness to driving under the influence in a unique way on Friday.

The Safety Council puts you behind the wheel with a simulated driving program to replicate a dangerous situation, but without the danger.

The simulator allows the “driver” to choose levels of difficulty. Drive in practice mode to get familiar with the controls.

But if you want to test your luck, distracted mode takes the simulator to a higher level of difficulty.

This will have you experience drunken driving, texting while driving and having a friend talking to you.

John Lefler Jr., the new executive director of the Nebraska Safety Council, was on-site to help with the experience.

Lefler emphasized the importance of raising awareness of drunken driving and of having a safe way home from a night out.

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