Nebraska senator proposes mandatory vasectomies for all men statewide

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A state senator is proposing a vasectomy mandate for all Nebraska men, in online posts he says are aimed at pointing out ludicrous actions by fellow Republicans.

Senator John McCollister says he’s obviously not serious in the pair of tweets that feature him smiling while holding a cup that reads “Regulate Dick Not Jane.”

The senator tweets, “if we are going to control women’s bodies, we may as well go all the way with the authoritarianism.”

Senator McCollister goes on to say, “this is JUST as ludicrous as the government telling a woman what to do with her own body.  Real Republicans support the freedom to choose.”

In a follow up interview, McCollister says the state should not come between a woman and her doctor.

“It’s ironic, some people don’t want the state to get between them and their doctor with regard to vaccines, and so now here we have the state, the state of Nebraska, wanting to restrict reproductive rights for women, and that just isn’t right,” McCollister said.

He says he does think there should be fewer abortions but expanding programs like planned parenthood and providing information and access to birth control are objectives “more worthy of legislation” than just restricting abortion outright.

The posts were sent on the same day that Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts revealed there will not be a special session to vote on a 12-week abortion ban.

Only 30 senators supported the proposal, which would be three votes shy of what’s needed.

Abortion rights supporters have since come out saying while this is a big win, everyone needs to stay loud to prevent future bans.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska recommends supporting candidates who will protect women’s rights this election.

The senator’s tweets also sparked discussion about alternatives to abortion and the rising rates of vasectomies across the country.

Dr. Chad LaGrange, a urology specialist from Omaha, says he has only seen a small increase in the number of vasectomies in Nebraska, but has gotten more questions about the procedure and other alternatives to abortion.

“Some of it could be the economy, just wanting to make sure there’s no unplanned costs, some of it could be the recent supreme court decision,” LaGrange said.

He said it all depends on people making decision that fit their lifestyle and their families the best.

“It’s a very complicated issue, reproduction rights, responsibilities, and I think it’s probably just gonna bring some more of this to the front lines and to patients’ minds,” LaGrange said.

Dr. LaGrange also says he thinks it will be a more local issue on whether or not there will be an increase in the procedures, and that it depends on where you are in the U.S.

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