Nebraska Task Force One helps train nationwide K-9 units to help when disaster strikes

At the Nebraska Task Force One training facility K–9s and their handlers are training to help find people through a disastrous situation

In the training k–9s are practicing the search of a wide area disaster center looking for living people hidden in different situations.

“Dogs are trained to use their nose and not their eyes, they’re trying to find the scent that they smell but they cannot see we always use a rainbow as an example, they can see all of these different colors but they can’t find let’s say the color yell but they found red, black, purple and green so they’re going to keep looking for that scent and as soon as they get to the strongest scent they’ve going to give us their active bark alert,” Eric Darling owner of Superfit Handling said.

For these dogs to become fully certified by FEMA it takes sometimes up to 2 years, with hundreds of different training exercises.

For the trainers and the organizers, these types of training sessions are what is going to save lives so for them a day like today is for the utmost importance.

“I think of it as my family if my family is in a tornado in Grand Island my moms there I want her to be located if she’s still alive and has a chance at living. If her house is collapsed that’s what we do that’s what we train for is the people that we can’t find whether their alive or deceased you know our job as handlers and G=K–9 handlers and as a team we need to provide closure one way or another to those families that’s why it’s important,” Damon Wirth of Nebraska Task Force One said.

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