Nebraskans voice opinions on State Board of Education

Most of the Nebraskans voiced concerns over the Board's latest sex education proposal

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The group that started the petition to disband the Nebraska State Board of Education met for the first time Friday morning, to voice their concerns to the board.

Most of their concerns were about the latest sex education proposal.

“You all need to resign, and state senators, it’s time to do your job, impeach this whole board,” says Amber Parker, a Nebraska resident. “We don’t want a generation of Ghislaine Maxwell’s and Jeffrey Epstiens’. You are grooming these children to molest other children and increase in sex trafficking and human trafficking.”

The petition to disband the board was created last month and would shift oversight of the education department into the governor’s office and eliminate the board entirely.

We have yet to hear from any members of the board directly.

The petition stems from the sex education proposal, which includes lessons for young children on gender identity and gender expression. It hasn’t been approved yet, but people are still upset.

“You think our lord and savior will say good job and well done our good and faithful servant,” says Kathy Adams, a Kearney resident. “We cannot serve two masters you are either serving God or you are serving the father of lies, something you all need to think long and hard on.”

The petition needs at least 125,000 signatures by July 2022, to be put on the November ballot. The signatures also must be from five percent of registered voters.

The next scheduled State Board of Education meeting where the board will take public comment will be held on January 7th at 9 in the morning.  Information on written public comment can be found, here.

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