Nebraska’s controversial concealed carry bill advances

Lawmakers still have 20 days left this legislative session to debate several other divisive issues including abortion restrictions

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — After a second straight morning of heated debate over Nebraska’s controversial permitless concealed carry bill, lawmakers voted to advance the bill.

The measure was previously stuck in the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, before it got pulled to the floor under a rarely used rule that caused a minor controversy of its own.

Sen. Tom Brewer, the proposal’s main sponsor, says he and many gun owners see this issue as a constitutional right.

Current state laws require residents to pay for a permit and training.

Supporters complain that the process is time-consuming and costs hundreds of dollars.

Opponents worry taking away these requirements will endanger lives and put guns into the wrong hands, like gang members.

Police departments in both Lincoln and Omaha, the state’s biggest cities, have come out against the measure as well.

In addition to giving criminals easier access to weapons, OPD is worried it could hurt efforts to remove hundreds of illegal firearms from the streets.






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