Noyes Art Gallery offers class to make your own holiday gift

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — With the holidays come

s a need to find a special present for all those special someones in your life.

So as many in the Lincoln area begin to shop locally, they may turn to art galleries for that one-of-a-kind gift.

On Saturday, visitors to the Noyes Art Gallery got the chance to create their own gifts by using stained glass to create gingerbread-inspired houses.

In a class taught by artist Delynn Ellis, replacing frosting for caulking glue and decorations for glass beads turned the once edible activity into something beautiful.

“It was something for everyone,” Ellis said. “Some chose to do nontraditional houses and you could see everyone’s personality come out.”

Builders let out their inner child by creating their own version of a winter wonderland.

“It’s really up to the person [and] the personality,” Ellis said. “Whatever they want to do, that’s what this class is about.”

Visitors to the gallery could also stop in for more than just the class. Many of the gallery’s in-house artists spent the day promoting their works.

Artists like Kirk Kuenzi offered caricature portraits to those exiting the glass building exhibition. He opened a shop in an adjacent room in the gallery to provide a new way for families to give gifts.

His portraits only changed how the individual looks slightly, finding a balance between reality and creativity.

Before exiting the gallery, visitors could also view the creative works of Tyler McIntosh, who works with pieces of discarded materials to create figurines.

McIntosh said he provides an alternative gift-giving process that steps away from the traditional understanding of a holiday gift.

With the holiday season soon approaching, the Noyes Art Gallery will be swapping out featured artists daily leaving to provide a new feel with each visit.

To find out more about the pieces the gallery offers click here.

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