VIDEO: Omaha woman lives a childhood dream, fosters hundreds of animals

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — She’s making a difference in her community- by fostering hundreds of animals.

When she was young, all Julie Kuntze wanted was a pet.

Now she not only has a pet — she has hundreds.

“I’ve had dogs, I just had a couple of birds, parrots, I’ve had rabbits and guinea pigs, hamsters,” Kuntze said.

How? Kuntze has been fostering animals for the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) for five years. She volunteers to care for them until they’re ready to find a forever home. She says she foster about 60 animals a year.

“It’s nonstop kittens every day, and right now fosters are saving their lives. Literally,” Nebraska Humane Society foster care coordinator, Shilah Grant said.

NHS has been overwhelmed with new animals coming in. Foster families help free up space at the shelter for older animals that are ready for adoption.

But for Kuntze, the program lets her live out her childhood dream of owning and caring for pets.

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