Over 30 immigrants become U.S. citizens in Lincoln


Immigrants from around the world became Americans right here in Lincoln.

 One shared his journey to the states to Channel 8.

From the United Kingdom to Africa, these new U.S. citizens will add more to Lincoln’s melting pot.

Family and Friends filled the courtroom as they said they became U.S. citizens, saying the pledge of allegiance and then they received certificates.

An Iraq refugee stood proudly with his father as he became an American citizen.

“It’s just great to be a citizen and it’s an honor,” said Mumtaz Boasiny. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for five years.”

Boasiny says that he is in college to become a nurse and plans to help others in the community.

He adds his family in Iraq is proud of him and he hopes to help and visit them once he has a passport. For now, he worries for their safety.

“It’s very dangerous right now for my other friends and neighbors,” said Boasiny. “It’s a bad environment right now. It’s all war there is no safety.”

He says those members are trying to come to America or any other safe country. Another man from Mexico was surrounded by his children as he encourages immigrants to become American citizens.

“If you are thinking about becoming a U.S. citizen then just go ahead and do it and it’s not as hard as its sounds,” said Adin BETANCOEURT.

Each person was given the opportunity to register to vote and help with the Census 2020.


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