Over the Edge in Lincoln

Posted By: Pierce Georlett


Some dare devils here in Lincoln took to the sky scraper that is the Cornhusker Marriott to help raise money for foster homes.

"Oh my gosh my heart is pounding," said Sandra Hilsabeck-Hastings who repelled down Cornhusker Marriott.

On Saturday morning some folks took to the sky and repelled down from the Cornhusker Marriott to raise money, and awareness for foster homes here in Nebraska.

"I had 11 foster children and I saw them grow up and I saw their problems with their parents and I see what Christian heritage is doing and their making it so much better for the foster parents now," added Hilsabeck-Hastings.

For these people though testing out a fear is well worth it.

"I knew I was safe but it was completely terrifying at first but once the ropes started going and I slowly started walking down it was amazing," says Erika Shelten who participated. 

Even Representative Don Bacon came out and repelled down the Cornhusker Marriott for the foster home.

"Christian heritage and the great work their doing for kids and helping out with families. So we are bringing attention to that today. It’s always exciting my heart is always beating about 120 beats a minute when I’m going like this…. It does not feel natural," said Rep. Don Bacon. 

For the many foster parents who came out, going a little bit over the edge reminds people who really need the help.

"I took kids into my home that come with one shoe. I took kids into my home that we’re not functioning in the school system there elderly parent had no idea that they needed help with their school work, and we need somebody there now today in this would today to be there like that for the kids," said Hilsabeck-Hastings.

But for those who are foster parents raising awareness is just the first step to helping.

"Wow I hope they know that I did it, and there’s other people did it because we love children," added Hilsabeck-Hastings. 

If you ask any of them to do it again, there’s no question.

"Absolutely I’d go right back up there right now and do it again," said Shelten. 

If you would like to help donate you can go to http://www.chne.org/, and donate. 

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