Partnership between UNL and LPS leads to environmentally friendly habits at a young age

On Earth Day, we focus our attention on ways to preserve the planet we live on – but at Lincoln Public Schools, they’re working to give that attention year round.

UNL students in the Environmental Studies program have partnered with Lincoln Public School’s Sustainability program to help students develop sustainable habits early on.

This partnership resulted in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Environmental Studies program earning a Best of Green Schools award this year.

Brittney Albin, Sustainability Coordinator for LPS, says schools are a great place for environmental stewardship to develop.

These sustainability habits include things like gardening, recycling, and composting.

“We’ve been able to grow it up to 54 cafeterias are currently collecting organic material in their cafeteria to be composted,” Albin said.  

And by fall of 2019, every cafeteria in the Lincoln Public School District will be composting.

For UNL students like Steven Kirchner who have participated in this partnership, he’s been able to see these practices transfer from school to school as kids grow up, and he hopes that trend will continue.

“Kids are going to go into middle school, high school, and then transition into that college atmosphere and bring that culture of sustainability to places like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and build our culture here as well,” Kirchner said.

It all ties in to the culture of sustainability UNL students are trying to bring not only to the university, but to Lincoln as a whole.

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