PETA to put up billboard mocking Governor Ricketts

In response to Ricketts' 'Meat on the Menu Day', PETA is going to put up a billboard taunting Nebraska's governor
Pete V Peta

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- On Monday, from a meat shop in Omaha, Governor Pete Ricketts declared March 20th as “Meat on the Menu Day” in Nebraska in response to Colorado’s “MeatOut Day”.

Now, the nonprofit organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has responded.

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“MeatOut Day” in Colorado is a promotion to end meat consumption, or as PETA calls it, a “laudable effort to reduce the consumption of animals, do a little something to protect the environment, and enhance public health”.

In response to Governor Ricketts’ pro-meat day, PETA announced on Tuesday that they will be putting up a billboard on the Colorado side of the border with Nebraska that says, “Entering Nebraska, Home of Meathead Governor Ricketts!”

In the statement PETA issued out, President Ingrid Newkirk said Ricketts is “a governor who is so afraid of the vegan future that he created a whole day to celebrate his meat-industry campaign contributors for killing animals, operating filthy slaughterhouses in which workers have been exposed to COVID-19, polluting waterways with factory-farm effluent, and turning a blind eye to meat-related maladies such as heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes.”

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