Police investigating report of attempted kidnapping at Lincoln park

Lincoln Police are investigating after receiving a report of an attempted kidnapping Monday afternoon. 

Officers responded to Lakeview Park where a 10-year-old girl reported she was sitting in the park when a man approached her and pulled her into a hug. Police say another 10-year-old saw the man do it and told officers that the man was walking in her direction and waving to get her to come with him. Neither child knew the man.

“I was kind of terrified but kind of processing, you know, you go through like this isn’t happening,” mother of 10-year-old girl said. “It’s becoming more of a reality that we need to keep our kids protected and can’t just push them out the door anymore.”

One of the girls ran to a neighbor and began yelling for help, and two neighbors responded, police said. One of them called 911 while the other followed the suspect. Once the man saw he was being followed, he ran from the scene, police said. 

“She was violated, that sticks in a child’s mind, that’s not okay and there’s trauma from that,” nearby neighbor said. “I know some people say that I can’t understand but being a victim of that when I was 14, yes I can.”

Officers canvassed the neighborhood but were unable to locate the suspect, described by police only as a man in his 20s. 



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