Proposed bill would put a sales tax on everyday items

Legislative bill 810 discussed at the capitol on Thursday, bringing a lot of opponents to the stand to air their grievances.

The bill would place a sales tax on items such as sodas, candies and snacks. The revenue would go to the Nebraska health care cash fund.

A big point of confusion though, exactly which items would qualify for taxation?

Bottled drinks such as Snapple or Clamato qualifying for the tax but tea or coffee not. With candy, twizzlers or crunch wouldn’t qualify but a snickers bar would.

Some senators still pointing out that Nebraska is one of few not following the trend to tax groceries.

“Nebraska is one of only 11 states that considers soft drinks and candy to be in the category of non taxed food items,” Senator John McCollister said.

Local consumers saying the fact that Nebraska does not tax groceries is one thing they appreciate about the state.

“A lot of people enjoy that Nebraska is no sales tax on food, no sales tax on drinks, and I feel like that’s going to irritate a lot of people,” Anastastia Finner said.

One of the big points senators making, bottled water would not be taxed in this bill.


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