Proposed bills would add further requirements to Nebraska’s new voter ID law

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Bills aimed at addressing Nebraska’s new voter ID law are drawing national attention.  Two of the measures introduced by Sen. Steve Erdman go far beyond requiring government issued identification.  

One option would eliminate voting by mail in the future for many Nebraskans.  Only people who can prove they’re unable to make it to a physical polling location could vote by mail if Erdman’s proposals pass as is.  That would include registered military members, nursing home residents, and people who are away at college. 

The bills would also require all ballots to be counted on election day. 

Erdman says this is all intended to ensure election integrity while also repeating conspiracy theories about ballot harvesting and voting machine tampering. 

But the senator admits he doesn’t know for sure if there has been any widespread voting fraud, which Nebraska has no history of.  Despite that fact, supporters say the voter ID law is necessary to prevent any possible problems in the future. 

ACLU of Nebraska says it’s actively monitoring legislation surrounding the law and that it’s against Erdman’s proposals, calling them, “clear attempts at voter suppression.” 

Erdman’s bills would also make primary and general election days state holidays, along with canceling some fees necessary to get a state ID as well.

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