Proposed solar farm in Lancaster County could potentially power 30,000 homes

Lancaster County may soon have a new solar farm. The plan, still in its early stages, would build an 1100 acre solar farm just northeast of Lincoln in an area from north 134th to 148th Streets, from Holdredge to Adams Streets.

Why Lincoln?

“In the first place we believe there is a marketplace for solar power that we are intending to produce with this project. There is existing infrastructure in place that we believe can handle the size of the project we want to build, which eliminates the need to build costly transmission lines,” Colin Snow of Ranger Power said.

The solar farm would help meet part of the 2040 Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan which encourages the development of renewable energy resources.

The project is being lead by New York-Based Ranger Power. It has 20 projects across seven states, all in the Midwest. Ranger said they have already gotten permission from several landowners to place solar panels on their property.

“We are estimating an up to 230 megawatt solar farm. The point there is that we do anticipate this having a great deal of community benefits, so it’s an up to $230 million investment in the community,” Snow said.

230 megawatts is enough to exclusively power around 30,000 Nebraska homes on solar energy. That’s about the equivalent of taking over 75,000 cars off the road.

Tax payers would front no cost, and the farm would bring in an additional 800 thousand dollars in property tax revenue for the county every year.

There is no firm time line for construction, but ranger solar estimates starting within the next three years.

There was some opposition, but the plan passed Commission 8-0. Ranger Power will now work to sell the power they collect to a buyer.

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