Public won’t be allowed at Gretna outlet mall’s ‘soft opening’

Nebraska Crossing announced last week it would reopen on April 24, despite coronavirus concerns. 
Gretna Outlet Mall To Reopen April 24

An outlet mall in Gretna says it will not be open to the public for it’s upcoming “soft opening.”

Nebraska Crossing announced last week it would reopen on April 24, despite coronavirus concerns.

On Tuesday, the mall posted on Facebook saying the opening will be for store employees only to begin the process of getting their stores ready for business. That process could take several weeks, the post said.

Owner Rod Yates sent the following statement to Channel 8 Eyewitness News on April 14:

” Retailers are looking for leadership and developing best practices for landlords and retailers to work together to bring physical shopping centers back online and creating safe conditions for our customers and employees. Nebraska Crossing will be in a leadership position to make this happen. Our global retailers have asked us to take on this role and be the first shopping center back open in the U.S. We will walk before we run here and obviously if you have any underlying health issues we will encourage shoppers and/or employees to not participate in the center’s soft reopening. Communication and new best practices are key. Median age of our workers is 35.”

News of the planned reopening drew criticism from some.

Governor Pete Ricketts said at the time Nebraska Crossing can reopen if it wants to, so long as it follows state health orders.

Ricketts said the state hasn’t ordered any shopping centers to close and that those that have closed did so voluntarily. What Nebraska has done is issue limits on crowd sizes, which Ricketts said the mall would have to abide by if it does reopen.

When asked about concerns regarding people from out of state visiting the mall, Ricketts says he doesn’t think many people will be traveling in general.

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