Raceway officials speak about Saturday’s accident

On Saturday a helicopter life flighted track official Tim Kozak to Bryan West after he was hit at Eagle Raceway.

Raceway owner Roger Hadan said Tim was trying to line up cars when a race car clipped him.  He suffered fractured vertebrae in his neck and back.

"We don’t like to see anybody get hurt, especially an official trying to do a job for these other drivers, to give them an opportunity to have a place to race at and have their fun," Hadan said.

Eagle Raceway officials said Tim has been a huge part of the racing community for years and they consider him family.

Tim was helped by a fire and safety crew new at Eagle Raceway this year called Four Corners.  They said if they weren’t at the track, Tim could have easily died.

"Just due to his injuries, the extent of those injuries were obviously very life threatening," said Fire and Safety Coordinator Ben Glantz.  "That’s why we called Star Care to come in and transport him."

As it happens, Glantz said Four Corners just trained for a helicopter landing three weeks ago, enabling them to assist in a life flight.

He said Tim was alert shortly after the accident, asking about his family.

"Surprisingly, he was calm the whole time," Glantz said.  "Tim is a very strong, tough guy.  He’s probably got to be one of the toughest guys I know now."

He said they expect Tim to make a full recovery and that he seemed in high spirits when he talked to him in the hospital Sunday.

There’s a GoFundMe page set up for Tim at: https://www.gofundme.com/help-the-kozak-family

Eagle Raceway will also be passing a helmet around in the stands, collecting money for Tim and his family at their event this Saturday.  For more information, visit: http://www.eagleraceway.com/EagleRaceway/events/weekly-racing-12/

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