Remembering Bob Hohn

A former Husker great lost his battle to a deadly disease Thursday night. Bob Hohn played 4 years for the Huskers, 6 years in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He competed against many legends, including running back Jim Brown, and he never backed down. But his biggest battle came in 1999, when Bob was diagnosed with ASL, or Lou Gehrigs Disease, neuromuscular disease that robs victims of muscle control.. Channel Eight interviewed Bob on several occasions as he dedicated his life to fighting his crippling illness. Bob established an ASL Foundation, as well as a celebrity golf tournament, to help fund research and help those battling ASL. In 2001, Bob was given the Nebraska MDA's Personal Achievement Award. Throughout it all, Bob fought his disease with both honor and grace, a fight that came to an end Thanksgiving night. Bob Hohn died at his home. He was 62.