Ricketts announces major changes to Nebraska directed health measure

Governor Pete Ricketts on Friday announced a number of changes regarding directed health measures in Nebraska. 
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Governor Pete Ricketts on Friday announced a number of changes regarding directed health measures in Nebraska.

Current Statewide DHM Extended

  • The current DHM is being extended for Douglas County Health Dept. and Sarpy/Cass Dept. of Health and Wellness to May 3.
  • The statewide closures until April 30th of all beauty/nail salons, barber sops, massage therapy services, gentleman’s clubs, bottle clubs, indoor movie theaters, indoor theaters, and tattoo parlors/studios is extended to May 3.
    • The date will be extended further for some areas

Moving to 19 separate DHMs

  • One for each Local Health Department starting May 4
  • New May 4 DHMs will b effective through May 31

Elective Medical and Dental Surgeries & Procedures

  • Will be permitted statewide beginning May 4
  • Hospitals can resume elective surgeries and procedures if they maintain 30% general bed availability, 30% ICU bed availability, 30% ventilator availability, and have a two-week supply of necessary PPE in their specific facility


  • Will have relaxed DHM requirements statewide beginning May 4
  • Will expand to 6 foot separation rule
    • Churches will need to ensure six feet of separation between different household units
    • No passing of any items among members
    • Expanded guidance document will be provided with DHM

Regional changes starting May 4

Regional Update Impact Counties in the following Local Health Departments (Current DHM expiration date in parenthesis)

  • Douglas County Health Dept. (April 30)
  • Sarpy Cass Dept. of Health & Wellness (April 30)
  • East Central District Health Department (May 11)
  • Four Corners Health Department (May 6)
  • Loup Basin Public Health Department (May 11)
  • North Central District Health Department (May 11)
  • Northeast Nebraska Public Health District (May 11)
  • Southeast District Health Department (May 11)
  • Southwest Nebraska Public Health District (May 11)

10 Person Rule

  • Beauty/nail salons, barber shops, massage therapy services, tattoo parlors/studios added to list of businesses that fall under 10 person rule
  • Would be allowed to open May 4
  • Both workers and patrons will be required in the DHM to wear masks
  • For other district the restriction on these industries will remain in place past May 3


  • Will be allowed dine-in options if all of the following conditions are met
    • Limited to 50% of rated occupancy maximum at a time
    • 6 feet separation between seating of different parties
    • Maximum of six people in a dining party (groups larger than six will need to split into multiple tables)
    • Self-serve buffets and salad bars are prohibited. Restaurant staff must serve food directly to customers or implement buffet orders from the customer table. No customer self-service.
    • Bar seating not permitted
    • Bars that do not serve food will remain limited to carry-out sales and delivery only

Other Closures

  • Bars, gentlman’s clubs, bottle clubs, bottle clubs, indoor movie theaters, indoor theaters, will remain closed until May 31 but subject to change before that date

Daycare Facilities

  • Will expandto not more than 15 kids per room/space
  • All other state provisions, statues, regulations, including child to staff ratios still apply

Regarding Lincoln/Lancaster County

  • Gov. Ricketts said the state will work with Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and the Lincoln-Lancaster¬† County Health Department to discuss what measures will be taken regarding the county’s DHM. The current DHM remains in effect until May 6. Ricketts said an announcement will be made in the coming days.



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