Behind the scenes: Roca Scary Farm ready for another year of fright

With Halloween quickly approaching, ‘scarers’ at Roca Scary Farm are delighted to be back in action.

“Typically people freak out, it’s a good time, I like to chase people,” says Izaac Hackenkamp dressed as an evil Ronald McDonald.

But, behind the masks of these terrifying characters, is a group of people who, simply put, just love to scare.

“You don’t have to be yourself, you can be a totally different person and people never know what’s under the makeup or behind the mask. I love the reaction, the hype, like I said the buzz, its there, it’s exciting all the time,” says scarer and production supervisor Mike Patestas.

Patestas has worked at Roca for 9 years, and now manages some of the nearly 100 scarers that the farm employs. He’s here each weekend night, monitoring as they prepare to terrify visitors. But, those scary faces you see hiding out in the bushes have a little help to make them look frightening.

“We start around 5 and end around 8, so about three hours. more complicated pieces like this take you know, longer and we have some other faces that can be done in a snap,” says professional makeup artist Kaci Quinn, as she re-creates ‘Chucky’ on one of Roca’s scarers.

Quinn and her colleagues say that although at the end of the night the makeup comes off, the best part is doing it again the next.

“Next time we get a brand new palate to work with, that’s the funniest part, is starting all over again.”

The talented, Halloween lovers say its gratifying knowing their makeup can help make all the difference for the characters.

Once the scarers are all done getting ready, the real fun begins.

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