Scam alert for Seward County residents

The Seward County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of an out-of-state asphalt company conducting scams in the area.

Officials say a company named “Hot Tar & Construction” out of Spiro, Oklahoma, has been going door-to-door telling people they have asphalt leftover from a large job and they will asphalt their driveway for a discounted price.

When the job is done the homeowner is given a bill far above the agreed upon price and the work is often poorly done.

Authorities say in another scam, they are known to offer driveway sealing services.

It’s been discovered that the company sprays motor oil on the driveway.

The group has gone by several names including “Harry Cooper’s Asphalt and Maintenance, H and Son’s, and Cooper’s Seal-coating & Asphalt.

The sheriff’s office says the company has been known to operate in several states including North and South Dakota, Kansas, Ohio, Arkansas and Texas.

Fraud charges against the company are pending in some states.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Seward County Sheriff’s Office.


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