School shooting threat linked to East High found to be false alarm

A school resource officer at Lincoln East High School was contacted by the FBI Wednesday as part of an investigation into a possible school shooting threat. 

Officials say the apparent threat stemmed from a post on Twitter, which authorities traced back to a former East High student. 

That person was contacted by the FBI and the resource officer as he was carrying a guitar case to up to the school, at which time it was discovered he was not the person responsible. 

The school went into lock down mode for a short period of time out of  an "abundance of precaution."

Further investigation revealed a 17-year-old male, who is home schooled, was responsible for the tweet. 

The teen and his father were contacted by the FBI, and the teen said the post was a joke. 

The teen was released to his father and referred to the county attorney’s office, but was not charged. 

Lincoln Police say the post was considered to be a legitimate threat. 

The tweet has been taken down. 

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