Seward County Courthouse gets fancy facelift

After nearly 2 decades since the last coat of paint was applied, the building's painted dome has a bright and shiny new look.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Being Nebraska’s Fourth of July City, people in Seward naturally wanted the town to look its best in time for the big day. The courthouse was already looking good inside, but the exterior needed work. After a big project, things are looking pretty good.

What was previously a dull bronze dome with peeling paint is now a freshly repainted gold color. It’s a lot brighter, a little more regal, and a lot overdue, given the 18 years or so it’s been since the previous painting.

Seward County Commissioner John Culver explains how, “A lot of the undercoating, the white part was showing through the brown that was left.”

That’s where things started, with a discussion about freshening the building up a little bit. With the plan in motion, it took some prep work, cranes, and scaffolding to be ready for painting. After that, it was a quick process, around a month.

Naturally, this sort of project comes with an equivalent price tag, around $100 thousand. Culver says the price is, “…pretty economical if you think how many years since it’s been put on. You can compare it to some people painting houses.”

The new look has added a little more character to the county and the town. Culver says, “I just look at the color as a representative to draw people in to the County and the City of Seward. It represents prosperity when you come here. There’s a good atmosphere of home life and small-town living with big town ventures.”

It looks like it may represent that idea for years to come.

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