Shooting in the Belmont Neighborhood 

Lincoln Police Department says a pregnant woman was shot in the Belmont neighborhood during an attempted armed robbery.

She and a man were sitting in a car around  1 a.m this morning, reportedly selling marijuana, when two suspects, approached them.

The man was hit in the face with a gun, it went off and hit the woman in the buttocks, slightly injuring her.

Police say the expectant mother, 28 weeks pregnant,  and her baby will be okay.

"shortly after 1 am a 21 year old women showed up at the hospital with a gun shot wound to her right buttocks. The victim was 28 weeks pregnant but the baby was unharmed during the shooting," says Officer Angela Sands. 

Now Lincoln police say they are still searching for the two suspects

If you have any information about the two suspects call Lincoln police or Lincoln Crime stoppers at (402) 475-3600

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