SLOW YOUR ROLL: Everett neighborhood paints mural to slow 11th street drivers down 

There is a sad story behind this smile.
'Slow your roll' mural
'Slow your roll' mural

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A new street sign is like no message we’ve ever seen before. It’s a smile with a serious message behind it.

This is the new face of the Everett neighborhood in Lincoln. A mural that was designed to slow drivers down after too many close calls.

“Residents were concerned about street safety,” Kat Wiese, an Everett resident & employee said. “Particularly, the kids that are zooming by on their bikes and scooters and than sometimes cars driving by at like 40 miles an hour, next to a school.”

A 12-year-old boy was riding his bike just a couple weeks ago when he was hit by a speeding vehicle near 12th and ‘C’ Streets. The boy, who is lucky to be alive, suffered some minor injuries. But it was that crash and others long before that made neighborhood residents and businesses take action, quickly.

“We thought one low hanging thing we could do, immediately, without a lot of red tape from the city would be to do a street mural,” Wiese said.

The mural was painted this weekend by neighbors, businesses and non-profits that call 11th street home. An idea they have had for over a year, finally displayed near 11th and ‘B’ Streets. They’re hoping this yellow smiley face with the words ‘Slow Your Roll’ will in some way make 11th street safer for kids and pedestrians.

“It makes me feel really good as a resident of the neighborhood and somebody who works in the neighborhood, to know that a group of businesses and just people can get together and say ‘we wanna do a good thing in our neighborhood’,” Wiese said. “And that we have support to do that both from other businesses, non profits and the city.”

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