Spotlight on local rapper

Some of today’s top rapper’s in the industry are noticing a local talent.

Born and raised on the north side of Omaha, now rapping out of Lincoln, PaintBoy KD is making his name known.

He saw a lot of drugs and gang violence growing up in north Omaha but his passion for music pushed him out of that lifestyle.

His music inspiration has always been Micheal Jackson.

“Music is life to me, like we have a sign hanging up in our house that says music must be what feelings sound like and I really took that and ran with it,” said Keylan Johnson, PaintBoy KD.

PaintBoy KD is with PaintBoy Entertainment which is a homegrown record label in Lincoln.

In the industry, there are not as many resources in Nebraska as there is on the east and west coast.

“We’ve even had people say, oh you guys are from Lincoln and nobody is going to care, your dreams are too big and just the universe has knocked all of those barriers and all that down energy that they gave us. The universe in music has kept us lifted and so that’s what we do,” said CEO of PaintBoy Entertainment, Crystal Mapp.

Everything is in-studio and PaintBoy KD edits everything on his own. He was featured on an Instagram account where within a week he now has close to 1 million views.

PaintBoy Entertainment is flying to New York the first week of October to meet with three different labels who reached out, Trey Way Entertainment, Roc Nation and Republic Records.

Crystal says they will have PaintBoy KD rapping in Times Square to show the world his homegrown Nebraska talent.

“We got talent here, a lot of it, not just me. It’s a lot of people and a lot of labels doing a lot of different things here so I just really want to bring awareness back, Nebraska has a lot to offer,” said PaintBoy KD.

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