Students hold ‘Die-In’ demonstration across campus

OMAHA, Neb. (CNN) — Silence was all that could be heard as Creighton University students laid on the ground for eight minutes and forty-six second; the amount of time George Floyd was pinned down.

“Sitting there, laying down and thinking that someone was pleading for their life for that long was absolutely… that was really eye-opening.”

The University’s African-American Student Association (CUASA) organized Thursday’s ‘Die-In’ demonstration to stand against police brutality and racial injustice.

“It was a lot more powerful within myself than I thought it would be,” said sophomore Kenya Lewis.

Each student held up a piece of paper with a different name on it.

“Everyone has a poster with the name of someone who is killed due to racial injustice with their age, the location it happened, and whether they received justice or not,” said Sunny Washington, CUASA President.

Later, students shouted that name as they marched down the mall to Morrison Stadium.

Sophomore Phillip Noflin said, “The march was empowering because you came together and you really shouted and let people know that black lives do matter.”

Nearly 200 students rallied on the lawn, with markers to keep people six-feet apart. Masks were also mandatory.

“It comforted me and I’m sure it comforted everyone else.”

The crowd listened as CUASA  shared their experiences and their call for change.

The demonstration ended with a prayer and, again, a moment of silence.

“It was just taking a moment and just realizing that this affecting everyone and all these people around me are in solidarity with me too,” said Lewis.

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