Sun, Huskers continue to prepare for uncertain 2020 season

"I'm excited for this year, if it happens," Lexi Sun said.

LINCOLN – Lexi Sun and Husker volleyball are as motivated as they’ve ever been.

“I think we can all kind of feel it in the gym,” Sun said on Monday. “We’re all pushing each other. We’re all pushing ourselves and I think that’s really cool to see.”

Nebraska is projected to enter the year in the preseason Top-25, as the Big Red bring back its full roster from a team that finished last year in the Elite Eight. Add in the fact that the Final Four is scheduled to be in Omaha this season, and it adds all kind of motivation for the Huskers. Nebraska won the national title the last time it was played in Omaha.

“I’m excited for this year, if it happens,” Sun said.

That is the question. Will a 2020 college volleyball season be played?

A plan has been set into motion by the NCAA for the football preseason but still no word on volleyball. Sun said, the Huskers are just in wait-and-see mode.

“I guess right now, because it’s all up in the air, we’re just preparing mentally and physically for a season to happen,” Sun said. “If it does happen, and we hope it does, we will all be ready.”

In the meantime, Nebraska continues voluntary workouts until June 30th. Sun said the Big Red have been following the protocols religiously.

Sun said she had a week-long quarantine when she arrived on campus on June 1 before she was cleared to enter any facilities. Now, she enters any symptoms she has into a specific app and checks her temperature before workouts.

During the workouts, the players remain at the proper social distance and must thoroughly clean the equipment, including the volleyballs, before and after. All this without any coaches in the room, since they are not allowed to be around the players.

Sun knows this whole process is a lot, but necessary.

“We just have to be careful of who we are around,” Sun said. “Obviously, not going out and being in big groups. Being smart about it. So I think we all have an understanding of how severe it is and how careful we need to be. We are so lucky to be here and be back and stuff so we can’t take that for granted.

“I feel like now it’s kind of given everyone a reality check because everything was taken away from us. We’re so used to being routine. And doing things every day and seeing people. So I think we kind of realized how many things we were taking for granted. I think this is kind of a reality check for us to be thankful. Just appreciate of everything that we have.”

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