Teams compete in ‘Spike Out Pediatric Cancer’ volleyball tournament

Sixteen teams signed up and competed in the 5th annual spike out pediatric cancer volleyball tournament on Saturday.

The Pediatric Cancer Action Network or better known as p–can set up the event based on a love for volleyball and wanting to help those effected by pediatric cancer.

“I love volleyball, I’ve always played volleyball. With my friends efforts and helping me out here we put on this volleyball tournament and just went from there,” Erika Shelton said. 

The tournament was held at Spike’s Bar and Grill.

Its owner, Derek Breems, said they love seeing organizations hold charity games at their location.

“Anytime somebody wants to do a charity event that has to do with cancer, I mean almost all of them if it’s a charity event, they are welcome out here and we love the idea,” Breems said. 

When it comes to finding people to compete, the volleyball community never passes up the opportunity to show their support.

“The volleyball community it’s just a good group of people. They love to play and they love to play for a reason,” Breems said. 

“We’ve had teams actually organize behind a child who is actually fighting the fight so they’ve gotten teams together just in support of that family,” Shelton said. 

Funds came from teams registration and on site donations.

All together they were able to raise almost $3,500.

If you would like to help the Pediatric Cancer Action Network, there link is below.

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