Teen drivers participate in new driving course


On Saturday, a group of local teen drivers became the latest to participate in the largest active non-profit national driver education program, called the Street Survival Teen Driving School.

The program, sponsored by Tire Rack, teaches teens the skills they need to stay alive behind the wheel.

“It’s not just your typical drivers education where you are in the classroom a lot, we actually put them in the car. And what we are trying to do is actually teach them how to control the car during emergencies so we are putting them through lane change exercises and hard braking,” said instructor Chris Harrison.

Harrison says the program improves driver competence through hands-on experiences in real-world driving situations.

Students learn how to manage every day driving hazards, obstacles and challenges in a controlled environment on an advanced driving course.

“I was nervous about doing it at first but it has actually been great,” said Grace Clark, a high school sophomore and class participant.

The students participated in a simulation of a lane change at high speeds in case of an emergency.

There was also a skip pad exercise, students drove on a simulated icy road to get understand what their vehicle is capable of.

“Afterward, I just felt so much more confident in my driving abilities, and I felt so thankful that these people were able to show me how good I am at being able to control my car and I can trust the car that I am driving,” said Clark.

Tire Rack Street Survival is open to licensed and permitted drivers ages 15 – 21.

Forms, schedules and more information can be found online at www.streetsurvival.org.

The cost is $95 per student and some insurance companies offer premium discounts to graduates. 

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