Toasty first day of school forecast

It will be a bit warmer tonight as mostly cloudy skies will prevent temperatures from cooling down to the mid-60s like we saw this morning. Instead, most of the region will drop to the lower 70s and a few spotty showers are expected to last into the morning.

Some parts of the viewing area could see a few isolated showers and storms in the early morning hours, so make sure the kids have an umbrella before they head to the bus stop. The chance for rain will decrease as we progress into the evening hours. Cloud coverage definitely won’t stop temperatures from warming up to the upper 80s by the evening hours though! Make sure the kids are dressed for the 90s because that’s what it will feel like tomorrow around the time they are outside for recess.

Looking ahead at the next several days, the seasonally warm conditions will last until the end of the week before a refreshing drop in temperatures arrives just in time for the weekend.

Meteorologist Brittany Foster


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