Travel information for Husker game day

From: Nebraska Department of Transportation Press Release

The Nebraska Department of Transportation advises motorists of several reminders when traveling to and from the next Husker football game in Lincoln on Saturday, September 28.

Game day travelers should note that four hours before game time, at Exit 401, southbound traffic (I-180/Highway 34) headed downtown will be merged to the left lane allowing I-80 exit traffic the right lane to go downtown.  After the game, the right lane will be closed at the I-80 eastbound on-ramp (I-80/I-180) to allow the downtown traffic on I-180 to merge onto I-80.

Motorists are also advised that the northbound Superior Street on-ramp to I-180 will be closed after each home game.  This allows for traffic from I-180 downtown to keep moving faster without having to watch on-ramp activity.

To support a safe game day experience for all motorists and pedestrians, travelers are reminded not to drink and drive or drive distracted.  Put cell phones down and stay focused on the road. 

Motorists are also reminded to buckle up and pay close attention to the increased traffic both before and after the Husker football game. 

Use 511 resources before you travel to be aware of possible construction.  Call 511 or 800-906-9069 and follow the prompts.  511 is available on the web at


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