Two Sisters, One Big Family

Mercedes Printz and her sister, Ashley, have always been close. So, when Mercedes found out she was pregnant, she immediately turned to her sister for advice. 

“When I was having a hard time with certain issues or didn’t know if it was normal,” said Mercedes. “She was there to help me answer those questions”. 

But, what Mercedes didn’t expect was that her sister had a surprise of her own.

“I was at work when i found out… One of the first few people I called was my sister,” said Mercedes. “And she said ‘you know that’s funny, think I’m pregnant too'”.

“We always talked about having kids close together… she was very on the fence about having kids at all,” said Ashley. “So when I learned that she was pregnant, and then found out a few days later that I was as well, I was really, really excited”.

The pregnancies weren’t the only exciting news for the family. Mercedes and her husband decided to move to Lincoln to be closer to her sister during the pregnancies. What no one could have expected was just how close they’d be.

Ashley gave birth to her baby boy, Colton, at 9:38 A.M.

Just 80 minutes later, Mercedes gave birth to a girl – Haisley Webster.

“I’m really excited to go home and to be with my sister and her baby and just watch them grow together,” said Ashley. “This is really a once in a lifetime thing and I’m really glad we got to experience it together”.

The timing wasn’t the only thing that was close. The sisters were separated by less than two miles, with Ashley giving birth at Bryan East and Mercedes at Saint Elizabeth’s.

Colton is Ashley’s fourth child. Haisley is Mercedes’ first. 

“She actually had a c–section… so she got to pick her date… and it was a scheduled time,” said Mercedes. “And with her I’ve never had a baby so… it kinda just happened that way”.

With such a joyous coincidence, the Printz family has grown in size and closer together.

“I think its gonna be really cool for them to get to experience their birthdays together… its almost like they’re twins… but they’re not,” laughed Mercedes.

This is an exciting time for both mothers and here at Channel 8, we want to congratulate the families, who will have quite a few joint birthday parties to plan.


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