UNL professor speaks on how current events impact society

"Its not to say that history repeats itself but history riffs on itself," said Werum.

(LINCOLN, Neb.) “It’s not to say that history repeats itself, but history riffs on itself,” said Werum.
I talked to UNL Sociology Professor Dr. Regina Werum about how current events are impacting society.
She said they affect populations in various ways, like social distancing.
“What is the proper distance to hold out of respect and that, of course, is socially constructed,” said Werum. “It differs from country to country and difference over time. I think right now what we’re realizing or what we thought was normal and what we thought was a crowded room in 2019 is not what we think is normal and what is a crowded room in 2020.”
When Channel 8 asked her why many are divided during this time, Werum says big events can reveal underlying issues in communities.
“COVID–19 or any kind of crises like this whether it’s a public health crisis or some other crisis could be disastrous,” said Werum. “It tends to tear off the scabs that tend to conceal the inequalities.”
And her take on Black Lives Matter protests,
“Black Lives Matter is a consequence of the history of unwanted police arrests and incidents brutality,” says Werum. “So, it’s not a cause of the division I definitely think it’s a symptom,” said Werum.
Werum shares that people will think differently about the virus and issues because of how they are impacted.
“Not every population is that equal risk of contracting COVID–19 or dying from it, and that is where you see the divisions in public opinion playing out,” adds Werum.
She says these topics are sure to be discussed in upcoming classes for quite some time.

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