UNL students team up with LPS to keep garbage out of landfills

Both UNL students and Lincoln Public School students alike came together to perform garbage audits Wednesday afternoon. 

Luke Sterzma, an Enviromental Studies student at UNL, said the partnerships main goal was to sort through the garbage and show the school what materials go where.

“Right now it’s all going to the same spot,” said Sterzma. “In reality stuff in the bags can go to different spots and have less of an impact on the environment and on the landfill which is ideal””

The Environmental Studies 101 class has been working with LPS on this project since 2015.

In the last five years, 40 audits have been completed and on Wednesday the students conducted five more.

Officials say they’ve seen significant improvement from schools.

“It’s been interesting as we’ve made second rounds of the schools and do a follow up waste audit and wow look at the difference and how much it’s improved,” said Brittney Albin, the Sustainability Coordinator for LPS. “This school has maybe 80 percent of things that could’ve been composted before and now it’s dropped down to 20 or 30 percent could be composted now.”

After the audit is complete, a full report goes to the school so they can see what areas they need to improve.

LPS diverts nearly 2.5 million pounds of materials from the landfills yearly.

For more information on LPS sustainability, go to https://home.lps.org/sustainability/.

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