“Chick Bank Robber” gets10-20 years for Waco heist

By: Jenn Schanz

To the melody of Green Day, she brags about the more than $6,000 and shiny new Pontiac she stole.

But the Hannah Sabata in court was nothing like the happy-go–lucky outlaw we saw online.

She was without the grin she sported when she was arrested, and had her head hung low after being sentenced to 10–20 years in prison.

Her attorney Jeff Pickens pushed for probation, arguing the type of treatment she needs isn't offered in prison.

The state wanted her behind bars, and said Sabata lied to her parole office during pre–trial about her drug use, and that her diary expressed a pro–criminal attitude.

Pickens says Sabata, whose diagnosed with bipolar and multiple personality disorders, was manic during the robbery.

He also stressed her desire to go to college, become an art teacher, and improve her relationship with her young son.

The judge wasn't convinced.

Pickens, carrying with him the box of mental health reports from Sabata's psychiatrist, says she was sad after hearing the verdict.

He declined to give a comment.

The judge said he took Sabata's mental health into account, but that granting her probation instead of prison time would be a danger to society, and a disrespect for the law.

Sabata will be eligible for probation in five years, in addition to getting credit for the 203 days already served.