WATCH: Devastating storm swept through Nebraska one year ago

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – One year ago, a devastating derecho swept through Nebraska, spawning 28 tornadoes in the state.

Those tornadoes ranged in intensity from EF-0 to EF-2, according to Channel 8 Meteorologist Malcolm Byron.

Strong winds, which reached gust speeds of 93 mph at the Lincoln Airport, left more than 3,600 people without power in Lancaster County.

Trees and power poles were ripped from their foundations, and homes across the state were left with severe damage.

Angela MacKichan, who lives near Emerald, remembers that day well. 

“That was probably the scariest storm I’ve ever been in my live,” she said. 

MacKichan described what she saw when the storm was over.

“I opened the back door and could see the back garages and the pine tree that had fallen, and everything was just like everywhere in the driveway,” she said. “It was just unavailable.” 

Byron said events escalated quickly that day.

“It was just not the severe weather that day, there was also blowing dust, record heat,” Byron said. “It was just a very impressive day all the way around.” 

But experts say there is a challenge with events like this.

Professor Bill Gallus said Iowa State University said since there is not a formal definition, it is hard to study them. 

“We don’t have anywhere that you could look and say where exactly were all the derechos in the last 20 years,” he said.

That is why the National Weather Service is working on having an official definition of a derecho. A database will help the weather service better communicate with the public about derechos and their impacts. 

Gallus said that with global warming, we might start seeing derechos in unusual times of the year. 

“The big event we had in the Midwest, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa last December was certainly unusual,” Gallus said. “It was the first time a derecho ever happened in the entire U.S. in December.” 

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Video from outside of the Channel 8 station near 14th Street and Nebraska Parkway:

Security cam footage sent by a viewer located in Hickman:

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