‘We want the best’: Lincoln City Council passes new labor contract for LPD


LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Lincoln Police Department is now the highest-paid police department in the state.

On Monday, the Lincoln City Council voted 7-0 to pass a new labor contract for the city’s police department.

The new three-year contract bumps up officer pay by 8 percent and sergeants by 10 percent.

This means new officers would be making around $64,000 a year, while newer sergeants would come in at about $85,000.

Police Chief Teresa Ewins said these pay increases will go a long way in helping the department hire and retain officers.

“We’re competing nationally for people to be police officers.  We want the best.  And in order to get the best, you need contracts like this to attract people,” Ewins said.

Wages will continue to rise annually.  By Aug. of 2024, officers and sergeants will receive a 17.5 percent raise from their current pay.

City Council members said this decision reinforces their commitment to the community’s safety.

“The Lincoln Police Department is a top to our agency,” said council member Tom Beckius. “Making it the best paying law enforcement agency in the state will do much to make sure public safety remains a top priority in our community as well.”

The three-year contract lasts until Aug. of 2025.

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