Weather Watch

Severe weather awareness week kicks off tomorrow and Nebraskans are getting a refresher course on how to watch out for storms.

Saline county hosted the 18th annual severe weather workshop to remind everybody how to be prepared during rough weather.  Hundreds of enthusiastic storm spotters from all over the state packed Saline county hall today. All to get that safety refresher course, and to sharpen their storm–watching skills. They even got a free lunch out of it.

Dr. Ken Dewey is a Climatologist at UNL he says “each year we need to get ourselves organized and ready for the severe weather that hits our region every year.”

From flash floods to tornadoes, no weather subject was off topic. UNL grad student and storm spotter Jeremy Bower has attended the workshop for three years in a row. And he's not planning on quitting anytime soon. “It's always educational. Even someone of my experience that has a lot of background in storm spotting. It's always nice to come out every year and actually get a refresher.”

Not that Nebraskans are strangers to severe weather situations. 38 tornadoes rocked the state just last year alone, with most occurring in the months of May, June, and July. That's why it's important to be prepared.

“You can never know too much. It's always good to keep the education going and go through the refreshers,” Bower says.

But some say it doesn't hurt to have a little fun while being safe.  Dewey says, “I'm proud of Nebraska that they're probably the most storm aware population I've ever seen.”

Dr. Dewey is inviting you to the 11th Annual Severe Weather Symposium. That kicks off at 9am on Saturday, April 9th at UNL's Hardin hall.

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