What’s Delta 8? the drug police and experts want you to know about

Delta 8 THC has people talking. So much that Lincoln Police want you to know its here and for now, its legal.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — A local shop, 50 Shades of Green sent out flyers about the product and made locals concerned enough to ask if it’s legal.

Lincoln Police say it is and it’s not regulated here in Nebraska.

Delta 8 THC has people talking.

So much that Lincoln Police want you to know it’s here and for now it is legal.

“To and my knowledge, all the products they are selling are legal,” said LPD Captain Ryan Dale. “At this time, the Delta products, create similar effects to the user that delta-nine products (marijuana) do. However, many people would argue that it’s slightly reduced effects similar but slightly reduced.”

Delta 8 THC is like a cousin to marijuana. It gives users a similar but milder high. Lincoln Police say it’s not regulated here in Nebraska.
It’s available in places like 50 Shades of Green and CBD Remedies.

“It’s a very safe product to use,” said, Adam Brewer, CBD Remedies co-owner. “You want to be mindful of the product that your buying and where you’re buying it from. Just like CBD, the entire hemp industry is unregulated. So you want to make sure you’re getting what the product says is in there.”

In Nebraska, there is no age limit on the use of Delta 8. Brewer says they will only sell the new drug to people 21 and up.

They even have doctors on staff and who say it helps customers from ages 21 to elderly with anxiety sleep apnea, anger, and irritability.

“Everybody has some kind of like issue or ailment that they want to address and people are looking for solutions that are nonpharma nonprescription and where they don’t actually have to go to a physician and rely on botanical-based medicine,” said Dr. Andrea Holmes, a doctor at CBD Remedies.

Captain Dale says for users to keep the product in its original packaging and the receipt, so if stopped by an officer it helps speed up the interaction. An officer can take it in for lab testing if they choose to do so.

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