17-year-old Lincoln gamer takes home $50,000 after competing in China

17–year–old Jackson Wahl, of Lincoln, trained several hours a day all summer long for this moment, for his international tournament debut at the World Cyber Games in China.

Jackson has been playing what’s called Clash Royale on his iPhone for the past few years.

In order to get to China, Jackson went through a couple days of tournament play. He says they were close matches but ended up beating the games number 1 ranked player.

“This game is not really based on muscle memory at all, I would say it’s 10 or 20 percent actually just using your fingers like obviously you need to see if the placings correctly but then the other 80 or 90 percent is in your head,” Wahl said. “It’s just one big huge mind game.”

Wahl never thought such a game could take him to places like China, let alone taking home a World Cyber Games gold medal.

“It was just really surreal, it honestly felt like I was dreaming or something,” Wahl said. “It’s probably the best moment of my life, it was amazing.”

That moment made Wahl the game’s youngest international champion in it’s three–year history and his mom was among the thousands in the stand cheering him on.

“I was really really nervous, I told Jackson, ‘if you love me you would just 3 and 0 your opponent right away’ because he would always take it to the 5th game and that was always nerve-racking because it was best of 5,” Jackson’s Mother, Lori Schumacher said.

Wahl went home with not only a medal but souvenirs, a Clash Royale trophy and $50,000.

“I’ll probably upgrade my stream set up a little bit but other than that I’ll save as much as I can for college, retirement and you know compound interests,” Wahl said.

Wahl has been competitive his whole life and says he will continue competing professionally.

“He’s enjoying himself, and I am proud of him,” Schumacher said.

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