At least 7 dead as severe weather hits the Plains during historically active weather week

Overnight, destruction slamming Missouri as a tornadoes claimed three lives, bringing the death toll in the state up to five in just the past 48 hours.

One of those powerful twisters wreaking havoc over the state’s capital of Jefferson City.

Law enforcement in the area now asking those who are safe from the storms to stay put.

“What we need is for people that are not affected to stay home so that we can identify the people that are affected and get help to them,” said Lt. David Williams of the Jefferson City Police Department.

The three deaths on Wednesday reported in Golden City in southwest Missouri, and more people injured in Carl Junction, a direct suburb of Joplin.

But it’s not just Missouri suffering from the damage of these storms.

In eastern Oklahoma, mandatory evacuations are in place as two barges have been swept away in the waters of the Arkansas River, headed straight for the Webbers Falls Dam.

This deadly line of storms hits the Plains during a historically destructive week.

15 years ago, an F-4 tornado decimated Hallam, NE.  That twister was recorded as the second largest in history.

In Missouri, May 22 marks the anniversary of a tornado that leveled the town of Joplin, killing more than 150 people.

This storm system will continue to move into the Northeast, bringing a chance of hail, strong winds, heavy rain and tornadoes from West Virginia to New England.

As people begin the cleanup process in the Midwest, the same threat will remain in the area into next week.

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