Bryan Health looking at possible link between COVID-19 and cardiovascular issues

Experts at Bryan Health are looking at a possible link between COVID-19 and heart health. 

Experts at Bryan Health are looking at a possible link between COVID-19 and heart health.

Dr. Matt Johnson, an interventional cardiologist at Bryan Heart, says he’s seen some cardiology concerns as it related to the virus.

“We are seeing some increased cardiac issues both with patients who test positive as well as some of the symptomology one might develop when they initiate the virus as far as infection,” he said.

While cardiologists are still working to find out why they’re seeing the increase, Johnson says some of it may be in relation to the increase inflammation COVID-19 brings with it. He said high blood pressure, obesity and other cardiovascular issues have also been associated with positive patients.

“It is interesting that almost half the patients that are hospitalized in some places do have prior history of cardiac disease,” he said.

Because of this, Bryan Health is urging all cardiac patients to adhere to proper social distancing and isolation practices.

Johnson says protocols are being established to monitor patients being treated with hydroxychloriquine, an antimalarial drug some have suggested could be used to treat the coronavirus. Bryan has treated three COVID-19 patients with the drug.

Johnson says while Bryan has not seen any issues locally, there has been a trend of patients being treated with hydroxychloriquine having arrythmia issues in the U.S. and other countries.

Bryan Heart has shifted its clinics to be nearly completely virtual, with 90% of all cardiac visits being conducted online and only emergency cases being handled in-person. Bryan Heart is also providing 40 communities across the region with cardiac telemedicine care.


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